Feather Vision is the premier provider of scope lenses and sight lenses for use in all types of target,  3D archery and bowhunting.

"Best lenses on the planet. Winning isn't everything....... It's the only thing. You can't drill it if you can't see it!"

− Monte Jessee

"The best lens on the market, second to none."

− James Underwood

"Great Products and Great People... "

− Troy Cypret

At Feather Vision, our focus has always been to provide excellent quality, affordable, scope lenses and optical accessories to the archery community.
Feather Vision, Inc. was started in 1997 by Chuck Cooley with the mission to bring innovative and high quality scope lenses to the archery community.
In 1995, Feather Vision began developing a new to archery scope lenses.  After two years of research, design, and field trials, the Feather Vision Original Lens was introduced.  Quite simply it took

the archery industry by storm.  From that time forward, Feather Vision Lenses have been recognized as the premier scope lens in competitive archery worldwide.  Our lenses have been used countless times in the winning setups of champion shooters around the world.
Feather Vision continues to advance lens technology while also providing the best customer service available.


The Best Archers in the World, choose Feather Vision!


Braden Gellenthien

Emily McCarthy

Jeremy Beard

Mike Schloesser

Steve Anderson

Tim Gillingham

Tyler Marlow

Donnie Thacker

George Ryals

Greg Poole

Frank Pearson

Becky Pearson

The Original™ Lens is introduced, a polycarbonate, aspheric lens with advanced anti-reflecting coatings.
Responding to requests for a quality glass lens option, we developed the Verde™, a flat style glass lens.
Two new lenses are debuted. The Allusion™ lens, a ``no lens lens`` for spot shooters, and the Exemplar™ lens.
We introduced the Series790™ lens, an aspheric lens made from advanced optical plastic with improved AR coatings.
The OriginalPlus™ and 790Plus™ are made available. Both lenses have improved and tougher AR coatings when compared to their namesakes.
The Radura™ lens comes to fruition. The Radura™ lens was developed through a joint effort with Carl Zeiss Optical.