FV Pro Team and Staff Shooters

The best shooters in the game choose Feather Vision Lenses

The shooters listed here have been ardent supporters of the Feather Vision line of products. We are both fortunate and proud to have these people lend their names and reputation to our lines. We have a few true sponsored shooters on many levels of competition, the rest have been long time fans and supporters and we want to thank them, and recognize them publicly. Without their support we would not have become the worlds leader in competitive archery lenses that we are today.

Braden Gellenthien

Emily McCarthy

Jeremy Beard

Mike Schloesser

Steve Anderson

Tim Gillingham

Tyler Marlow

Donnie Thacker

George Ryals

Greg Poole

Frank Pearson

Becky Pearson

Peter Elzinga

Chris White

Russell Payne

Samantha Morgan

Levi Morgan

Chance Beaubouef

Matt Stutzman

Dan McCarthy

Chuck Cooley

Jack Wallace

Dee Starnes

Henry Bass

Keith Trail

Scott Starnes

Jesse Broadwater

Christopher Perkins

For a sponsored shooter position please send in your shooter resume, and cover letter for review.

Shooter positions are limited and filled in January of every year.